For more information about upcoming classes offered at the Pottery Museum or to  schedule a tour please contact the Museum Manager at or by calling 651.327.2220
Larry Peterson, who served as project manger during the development of the new Museum site, has written three books about the pottery made in Red Wing. He is always delighted to share information with Pottery Museum of Red Wing guests.
Steve Brown, a passionate expert collector, is shown teaching a class about the special test plates used to determine the best color palettes for dinnerware patterns.
A youngster enjoys learning sgraffito in a class at the Pottery Museum.

Since the beginning, the Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation has been dedicated to sharing and teaching others about the Red Wing clay industry. For anyone curious about Red Wing pottery products and the people behind the industry, the Pottery Museum of Red Wing Research Library is available for research and enrichment.

The Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation endeavors to broaden public knowledge of the historical nature and role of Red Wing stoneware, art pottery and dinnerware in American culture and history. To support its educational goals, the Pottery Museum has thousands of pottery pieces and artifacts on display. In addition to pottery, the Museum contains photos, catalogues and brochures as well as many other historical documents. The Foundation encourages and supports scholarly activity and research that will result in new knowledge and publications.

Educational efforts include community outreach programs, pottery history lessons, and educational videos. Many dedicated and committed pottery collectors can be made available to share their vast knowledge of the Red Wing pottery industry. The Museum is a frequent destination for bus and boat tours, school and university programs, antique dealers, antique clubs, service clubs, and community education classes.

Many of our passionate collectors have become experts and share their knowledge through classes held at the Pottery Museum. To further public knowledge of Red Wing pottery, our experts also participate in special presentations at other venues such as the Minnesota History Center.